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READ THIS! Make sure your seat back bolts can be removed BEFORE ordering! The threaded inserts may spin in your seat back. This can be usually be solved by using a screw driver as a backup on the thread insert (see mounting instructions). There is a chance that you will not be able to get the bolts out so please confirm before ordering.

Fits all years and models of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 with the following seat travel limitations:  

2 Seat KRX: When using the 4.6" tall Compact Organizer on the 2 seat KRX driver side, the seat cannot be slid all the way back. The 2 seat KRX driver seat can be slid all the way back with the 2.5" tall Low-Profile Compact Organizer. The 2 seat KRX passenger seat can slide all the way back with Compact or Low-Profile Compact Organizer.

4 Seat KRX: This does fit the front seats of the 4 seat KRX but you will lose around 5-1/2" of seat travel when using the Compact Organizer and around 3-1/2" when using the Low-Profile Compact Organizer due to the location of the rear passenger grab bar.

These brackets install to the back side of your Kawasaki KRX 1000 seat back and allow you to mount the Milwaukee Packout™ Compact Organizer or the Low-Profile Compact Organizer.

    • Sold as singles or as a pair.
    • Great for storing tools, first aid kits, clothes, or recovery straps in an enclosure that is safe from dust and water.
    • Made from light-weight aluminum.
    • Powder coated black.
    • Installs with your existing seat back mounting screws. No modifications required.
    • Mounting holes clearanced for 10mm socket access.
    • Made in Utah.
  • Click Here for mounting instructions or watch the video included below. 


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