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This bracket lets you hide an Apple AirTag in your KRX to help with locating it if it's been stolen. Mounts to one of the square tubing frame members behind the dash with three cable ties (included). The Apple AirTag will update the location of your vehicle any time it is within Bluetooth range of any iPhone that has cell service.

After four to five hours of the thief being around the AirTag, it could notify them that there is an AirTag "following" them. Because of this, it is recommended that you remove the speaker from your AirTag before installing. There are several Youtube video that go over this process. Once the thief knows their location is being shared with you, and they cannot locate the AirTag, there is a good chance they will dump the vehicle and leave it.

The Apple AirTag is not included.

Includes free USPS First Class shipping in the US!

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