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Apple AirTag Holder for eBike

Apple AirTag Holder for eBike

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This is an Apple AirTag holder that mounts under the TCU display on your Specialized ebike with the TCU display integrated into the top frame tube. 3D printed from flexible TPU. Fits tight and does not rattle around. Includes step-by-step instructions for installation. When the AirTag is installed in the carbon or aluminum frame, the phone is still able to communicate with it up to 20 feet away.

So far, fitment has been confirmed on the following models with the Mastermind or standard TCU:
Levo SL
Kenevo SL
Vado SL
Creo SL

This SHOULD also fit in the full power Vado models that have the TCU integrated into the frame but this HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED. It will not fit the Vado models with the TCD on the handlebars.

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Click here for installation instructions.

Comes with AirTag holder and 3 cable ties. DOES NOT INCLUDE Apple AirTag. This is a TPU 3D printed part so expect minor cosmetic imperfections. It is very durable and flexible though.

A Torx T-10 driver (not included) is required to move the TCU display.

I personally disable the speaker on my AirTags so that it doesn't audibly notify the person that is in possession of it. There are multiple Youtube videos on how to do this but perform this modification at your own risk. If they are an iPhone user, they will still get the notification on their phone after roughly an hour or two that the AirTag is with them but they will then have to find the AirTag and remove the battery to disable it. This will buy you some time with locating it.

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