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Accessory power lead kit for the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX, Wolverine 850 (X2 & X4), and Wolverine 708. This allows you to add 12V accessories to the existing key activated accessory plugs on your vehicle. No harness modifications required. Includes heat shrink crimp connectors to easily connect these power leads to your accessories. Free shipping in the US!

Keep in mind that the accessory wiring that comes on your machine is not designed to power high current draw equipment that should be powered with a relay. The accessory wiring that comes on your machine is designed to trigger relays (not power them) and power things like low draw lights and stereos. All of the accessory plugs on your machine share the same 20A fuse.

Power lead connectors are made with roughly 7" of 18 AWG UL 1007 PVC insulated wire and include two 18-22 AWG heat shrink crimp connectors per harness.

Free shipping in the US!

Fits the following models:

    • 2021-2023 WOLVERINE RMAX2 (all models) and RMAX4 (all models)

    • 2018-2023 WOLVERINE 850 X4 (all models)

    • 2018-2023 WOLVERINE 850 X2 (all models)

    • 2016-2018 WOLVERINE 708 (all models) - This version only has one accessory port from the factory.

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